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Zasláno: 11.8.14 19:29

Hello Firestone and everyone else... it has been a very long time since I was last active on oblacek...

Anyways I have got a wad request that if possible you can add to your database. I am in process of creating this was Called "Death Bed" and for the time being I need a server for it for ocassional test purposes and bug spotting with other folks over ZD.

So here is the link to the wad: http://1drv.ms/1ujb1x3

Its a coop / survival wad concept for the time being 2 maps are some what completed but need to be tested time and again.


1) 84688964

2) 823344649

Rest I guess everything is as usual. Anyways good luck!


Zasláno: 17.8.14 09:37

Do you have some of your favorite WAD and want to add the balloons Engine 2.0?

If we also want to save up to work for the WAD you can create an initialization file

Sample file nutty2_14.ini

; Puff WAD initialisation file

IWAD = "doom2.wad"
wads = "nutty2_14.wad"
maplist = "map01 map02 map03 map04 map05 map06 map07 map08"

optional_wads = "sharkvox.wad tskins1e.wad"
teamdamage = 0.000000
teamscorelimit = 0
skill = 4
dmflags = 17604
dmflags2 = 131088
fraglimit = 20
timeLimit = 15

INI file name is arbitrary (will be displayed as the name of the wad) - but should not contain accents. Furthermore Please limit to 20 characters.

The [basic] determines the type of Iwade, wad names (separated by spaces) and listing the names of all maps (again separated by spaces)

Section [recommended] předvyplňuje settings. Recommended PWADy again separated by spaces.
Its value should be the "most common" - ie. those that are often used on other servers.

Thus prepared WAD + the INI file can then be added to the system within a few seconds.


Zasláno: 26.8.14 22:13

Added into database...please check the default configuration if it is correct - like DMFLAGS (Allow Jumping, Allow Freelok etc), timelimit, fraglimit, optional WADs (PWADs), correct number of maps, etc.


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