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brad perry

Zasláno: 28.2.06 07:59

hello doomers i have found this site and i love wat u r doin.But i want to make this bigger have fun with it.i know people love play a quick game of doom so i would like to perpose somethin that would be fun and entertaining.ok so maybe we could have a set time of dooming for great dommers.it would be with these servers and have a set time like every friday late night com onlike two servers or 1 and play some doom.we could play all diffrent kinds of games.if this goes well we could maybe start a clan just for this site and theses servers u kn ow it would be great to get to know some doomers and have a simple place to come play doom .i think this would be a great thing and we could all come together and play wat we want and wen we want.so im doin this so we could be more like a comunity and stuff.PEOPLE PLZ RESPAWN TO THIS AND TELL ME IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA AND WE COULD BECOME A CLAN CALL OBLACEK OR SOMETHING.i already have 5 people that just played with me on a server that i made with this and i have there emails.i really think people want to get together and know who they r playin with.so PLZ respown as soon as possible.i just had a sergery on my mouth so im out of school for a whie so tommorow would be nic to hear somethin.just a example::::::FRI. NIGHTS AT 7:00P.M. AND WE CAN FRAG TOGETHER WITH R SMALL FORUM.


PEACE BE WITH ALL!!!!!!!!=-)

brad perry

Zasláno: 28.2.06 08:00

i know its long but its for u to enjoy.





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