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Zasláno: 30.4.12 15:11

I like playing on Oblacek servers for cooperative but these servers have been victim to a high number of abuses as of late. I have noticed that there are no moderators around to help keep them free of abuse.

I myself have been victim to numerous votekick abuses and it has gone on unchecked. I would like to suggest nominating an active server moderator.

I moderate as of now the X1 server cluster alongside Dark-Assassin. I'd be more than happy to offer to moderate these as well. I've moderated numerous small servers in the past and I know my way around the RCON console very well.

I don't abuse my status but I am not kind to trolls. A healthy cluster must deal with abusers in a logical manner. If proof of abuse is needed I have three demos from today alone of votekicks.

If you would like to test my capibilities I would be more than happy to demonstrate that I am capible. I'm one of the more active server hoppers and I am always available on irc.skulltag.net @ #IcyLounge.

That said to view my stance on abuse, I would like to direct you to the following: My Policy Regarding Administration


Zasláno: 8.5.12 12:36

Hi, thx for your interesting in our server. I will contact you via mail. There isn't good place to talk about serious things at this forum...


Zasláno: 10.5.12 19:39

Alright. I appreciate the response, however belated that it was.


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