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Zasláno: 18.1.11 01:46

Hello ThreeC here again, I have been a usual player at the Zdoomwars servers at Oblacek and it has come to light that alot of the content from the game is now missing.

There are three issues I'd like to address in this post

1. The Map rotation

Recently most of the maps have been removed, and has frustrated a lot of players I know you think its probably because of lag issues that you've removed them for but I think the reason is more opinionated

The "Lag" players are experiencing in most cases is simply fps lag, most of the N/A players I've met and others who's pings are generally high due to you being in the Czeche republic Do not [b] actually experience much lag at all unless there is literally 300 or more units (not counting projectiles)

The solution for this is simple enable all of the maps let the players chose which ones they want to play, the maps you have currently in rotation lag just as much as any other map, Although its true that some of the more open maps like Zdwars20 (pacific warfare) will lag due to the vision of all the units on screen and firing lots of projectiles and increasing the number of actors on the field it is STILL playable and most users have been able to enjoy and end games on the map despite any minor fps lag there may be.

[b]2. Server Administration

There has been numerous troubles with an admin on your server for the past 7 months, including harassment, player abuse, and server abuse.

I'll explain in greater detail Doom5.cz as we call him constantly changes his name to try and avoid a mass of players who are at odds at him, he frequently tries to bully others into one-sided fights in game using exploits and kicks or temporarily bans people from the Oblacek Zdwars server if he loses, Also if he dies in games with lots of players he's been known to restart the map or just switch the map by force if he doesn't get his way.

He'll often claim to be drunk,eating, or leaving his computer or that he had a bad day at work when explaining his reasoning for his actions.

Often at times players will vote kick him off the server because of the way he acts, and he'll in term boot everyone off. More recently he's been filling the servers up with bots stopping anyone from joining. (Screen shots to follow)

In addition he'll often threaten players with acts of physical violence in game and constantly harass them with insults, and other general unpleasant sayings.

We ask that you strip him of his power and give it to someone more responsible that will maintain the server instead of someone thats going to abuse their Privilege and lord over everyone and make the game miserable.

3. Zdwars 3.2_3

This is a unofficial version of Zdwars and has been causing numerous problems with AI and the interface for some classes in game. Please restart the servers with Zdwars 3.2_2

That is all and thank you for your time Firestone.


Zasláno: 18.1.11 01:52

Bots in action

http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd139/Ouroblosh/?action=view&curren t=Bots.jpg


Zasláno: 18.1.11 06:45

Good day one and all!

My original intention of joining this message board was to request and address everything outlined in this topic already. There's not much else to be said, but I'll try to reiterate and add my own thoughts on top of the initial post.

1. The Map Rotation
Any lag experienced between players is entirely clientside and usually aren't connection related. As a player who is several countries overseas and who maintains a ping of 200 with unstable wireless, I can honestly say I have never experienced any sort of lag outside of the occasional FPS lag. The only time I've actually experienced any issues with connection during a game are when there are several players not attacking each other and causing the monster count to reach astronomical levels, but those are extremely rare cases and do not usually happen.

2. Server Administration

Everything that has been said about Doom5.cz rings 100% true for myself and many other players. Recently I wanted to join the server and play a few games, but was met with a full server with Doom5 and 9 other bots making it so I could not play. I also have a screenshot of this incident and will include it at the end of this paragraph. One thing that was not specifically addressed is Doom5 absolutely refuses to listen to what other players agree on and as an example: when a level gets changed via vote that isn't in his favor, he will complain and even at times change the map anyway despite the majority vote to go to the map to begin with. Aside from this, he is one of the players that I mentioned in the previous topic who sits in one spot the entire game making units away from everyone else and not attacking other players. The issue here is that people like him are causing any sort of legitimate lag and mass bandwith consumption. This really wouldn't be an issue if he would refrain from lashing out at us players if we point it out. My point is, he definitely has not a good moderator for the server and needs his privileges removed.

The bots pic: http://s1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa475/C_B_Coldyron/?action=view&cu rrent=bots.jpg

3. Zdwars 3.2_3
Nothing else to add other than it was never an official update and should be removed in favor of ZDWars 3.2_2 for that reason alone.

Other than that, I have to say thanks for being the only reliable ZDWars server for the past several months! Us players really appreciate it!


Zasláno: 23.1.11 09:52

Hello both of you...

-1- As you wish -- I don't care. It's your problem when players go to laggy situation in the game.

-2- No comment -- I will not deal a problem between you and doom5.cz. It's only your opinion against doom5.cz's...

-3- OK, if it's true I will change it back.


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