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Zasláno: 21.12.10 16:39

Hello Fire Stone and the my dear oblacek community, I am back from a long 2 year rest finally back to DooM. I have recently just wanted to try out the custom Oblacek servers, but everything I was like start server it timed out, I do not know what this issue really is, is their temporary permanent or my own problem... Please if the admins can see to this issue, because I really am looking forward to get involved again with the oblacek community.

And anyways rest all, your servers are running brilliant and good work. Thank you.


Zasláno: 23.12.10 10:29

Hello back :)
And about your problem -- just try it now. I think everything will be fine now. Thx for your feedback.


Zasláno: 31.12.10 18:13

Thank you :) Happy New Year!


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