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Zasláno: 7.8.09 01:33

Thanks for the awesome servers and ability to create them!

You are loved very much, and when I visit your homeland, I plan to meet up with all you doomers and buy you all some pivo... plzen dobry? :)

Also I do not know whether or not you will find this silly but have you thought of adding a "gravity" option before or after the Air Control one? It may be extreme but I wanted to add low gravity to a fun and stupid coop server but had to go through google hard to find rcon commands to do so myself.

Thanks again, I love you!


Zasláno: 7.8.09 18:16

Hello there :) By the time I will add some new function into our system so watch oblacek for news.


Zasláno: 11.8.09 02:23

Nice work with the new features and the flash video is very helpful for first-timers!

I love you all, it is unfortunate however that I never see you in zdaemon servers! :-)


Zasláno: 11.8.09 08:35

... I played on ZD (version 0.99 I thing) several years ago. After that I decided to support Doom community in my country and after that - you know end of this story :)


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