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Heso Wells

Zasláno: 7.6.09 09:39

We want to play 2dmmaps with exp.
2006,many ZD users have played 2dmmaps.
Please built 2dmmaps server.


Zasláno: 8.6.09 15:20 | Změnil/a: IOS_ICONOFSIN22

Heso Wells I think you have a big misconception of this website :)

First of all this is a do it your self website where in the forums you do not ask anyone else to build your servers but you register and build one your self. I recommend you to read the help section so you can get started with it. In this section you ask for was request , for example if you have any of you favourite wads which are not available in this website you can ask oblacek to put them up. Here folow these links you can read them and it will all be clear:


http://oblacek.sh.cvut.cz/phorum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=6&topi c=454

Read them I hope your misconception is cleared!

And as far as Exprience points are ...hmm... Then that is firestones choice ... there are servers already with 2dmaps and exp points I think, may be L@p or Horizon..


Zasláno: 9.6.09 21:58

Naw there aren't. Trust me, I helped get them removed ;>

"2006,many ZD users have played 2dmmaps."
Yeah and the fact they won't play those maps without EXP clearly shows that the maps are no good. Just the same way that if you took the green tick off Brit10 then it'd drop like birdshit.

Hmm... how about removing that particular tick Firestone? There's plenty of other stuff you could switch in in Brit's place - just look at the L@P Ch@0zZ servers for examples. Or would you rather have popular servers than quality ones?


Zasláno: 21.6.09 23:34

to Heso Wells:

If you want to play 2dmmaps so simple go to other server. In this time we will not support this WAD as a stable server.

to cybershark:

I think that we will support brit in the future. If it is a poor WAD that the question to Oblacek's server. And what about removing it? Simple say I don't see any reason. I think that the better way is just add other cool WAD but not instead of this brit one. But few weeks ago we added some other WADs as a stable server and run up another server - cirrus.sh.cvut.cz.


Zasláno: 23.6.09 00:10

Thanks to US servers Exec is often as played as Brit10 now. Maybe that would make a good other server for you?

Ah I see you have UDM3 up now. That's a good choice too.


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