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Zasláno: 19.8.08 09:28

Hello, this is my second post in this section.
I was just wondering did oblacek ever have skulltag servers before I mean I am quite new to oblacek so I dont know much history behind it. I was also wondering wether oblacek in the future would make skulltag servers that could be adjusted from the site just like for zdaemon. If any such thing is gonna happen even after years I would say make for hexen servers and also currently for zdaemon I would like oblacek to add the bot feature as this would avoid clients from waiting for other doomers to come and play and further more bots really help attract other players and one more thing taht most people have a missconception about is that the server may keep running if bots are present could be overcome by assigning everyone the task of closing the server before leaving it or else they would be banned!

This could be done easily by giving the command in the "RCON".
And I would also like to know wether you have shareware doom as well to be put on a server so that people who dont have the "Ultimate DooM" could play that. I have it tough many doomers don't have it.

And also in the long run could you replace some of your experince collecting servers by new wads, except for Brit10 and Doom2 entryway:)


Zasláno: 7.9.08 14:11

For now we aren't planning support SkullTag or Odamex as a adjustable servers. "Simply say" we haven't enough time and people to program it because for example SkullTag has a much more different code in comparison with ZDaemon.

In case of bots we think that every user can play with bots locally.

Idea of putting shareware WAD version of Doom is good :) I will put it into system when it is possible.

For now we will not planning added any other experience collecting stable severs.


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