How to play?

Firstly you can play on stable servers. But there is other way to play on Oblacek - since Oblacek has 0 adjustable ZDaemon servers you can configure your own parameters... and lets the game begin!

You can find how to configure your own server in member's section. To register please visit forum section.


In order to play you will need a computer with Windows or Unix based operation system.

Additional software

Next important software is state below:

  • main core of game Doom 2 - exactly said you will need "doom2.wad" in version 1.9 (it isn't freeware yet)
  • latest clients of ZDaemon or Zandronum. Those contain native launchers for servers searching.

    When you installed all this stuff, you may start to play on servers. Run file "zlauncher.exe" (client which views servers all around the World). After that you will have to do a simple registration to global database players of ZDaemon. Finally you can find our servers in this servers schedule.

    Note: If you have firewall, be sure that it allows ZDaemon client to connect to the internet.

    For advanced users we recommend more complex client:

    What is it all about?

    EntrywayMany people who played Doom as a singleplayer or a genial multiplayer felt, that this game has a rare gift - a magical spell. Authors of this project felt exactly the same. They have never forgotten Doom (Doom is still in their memories). With recent internet boom, one project has risen - ZDaemon. And for now, ZDaemon is a core of our adjustable servers.

    What can I expect?

    Authors of ZDaemon showed by gradual tuning of their "baby" they are able to approach old-school engine core of Doom. What does it mean? Well, when you are playing old good map 01 - Entryway, you will fee like in old times, when you were with friends killing each other in a game via serial line. But to be honest I have to say, that the old engine is very rare and ZDaemon hasn't yet fully achieved its goal, at least not yet. In fact there still exist minor differences between this open project and the original game engine.. But don't be afraid! ZDaemon is continuously being developed and next versions are promising more intense feel of the old, very bloody times.

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