Welcome to our website support for servers, which are here for you to provide gaming of one of the best 3-D games ever, now on an internet - Doom.

Now everybody can configure type of game, WAD, PWADs and other specification of ZDaemon via our web interface.

Configure server, start and play it!

Adjustable servers (ZDaemon only)


Running permanent servers (ZDaemon and Zandronum)

You can actually playing Doom at two servers. Due to many changes of running stable servers in the time we recommended to use client program to read information about our running server.

You can use followed:
IDE (Internet Doom Explorer), Doomseeker and ZLauncher (for ZDaemon servers only, part of ZDaemon port)

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"Oblacek" is the Czech word. In English this word means cloudlet.


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